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its a never ending nightmare

Another long slow day has gone by and it feels like I’m living a half life… not even that really.

All I know is that out there is this child that I have come to care about and she is being abused everyday. She is at risk of more rape by her step father and no one seems to care.

Not a single MP has replied to my emails and only around 5 members of the House of Lords have even bothered to answer.

I have a copy of the NSPCC report on the kid and it says that in the opinion of the NSPCC she is extremely vaunrable and urgent action should be taken to protect her.

So how in the name of jack can the police and social services in the UK just ignore this?

How can they get away with leaving her where she is?

I am sick and disgusted of this country and especially of the so called child protection services.

What protecetion have they given her?

She was raped when she was 10 and gave indications that it was on going (thats close on to 6 years of rape for F**ks sake)  – men have been jailed for years on a lot less proof, what does this poor kid have to do to get justice?

COME ON UK POLICE – get of ya lazy arses and help this kid!!!!!!!!!!!!

The rapist should be behind bars not living a normal life in the community.


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