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A most painful task

Even now I can not look at anything to do with this child without it opening a floodgate of emotions that I didnt know where lerking there.

I have been forcing myself to read all of her text messages and the disclosers of her rape and abuse are clearly there.

Its like I am reliving it all over again and if I can read it in black and white, if it is in a form that cannot be denied then why on earth have the Police not done something about it?

Why is the scum who did this henious act to an innocent child still walking about enjoying life as if nothing happened?

Its beyond me, the injustice is over welming.

Yes yes I know that sadly this happens to other kids but I do not know them and cannot help them, god I wish I could but I do know this kid, and I do know what happened to her.

Its just eating me up.

Have also checked my email today and still not one single lousy MP has replied – how shite is that?

Whats wrong with them, some of them will have kids of their own, some maybe the same age as the girl Im trying to help, hell this could just as easy be their daughter yet still they dont want to know?

Its sick.


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