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A raped child’s worst nightmare!!!

A raped child’s worst nightmare.

I have not posted anything for a while because if I did it would be nothing but four letter swear words and meaningless ranting.

I have found out that now the incompetent CPS have decided not to charge the childs rapist, the mother is forcing the poor kid to move back into the family home to live with the man who has been raping her.

COME ON – where are the authorities???

Why are alarm bells not ringing all around the Social Services?

Just because the CPS has decided that there is not enough evidence to mount a prosecution, it does not mean the rapist has been found not guilty, it means just what it says – there is not enough evidence….

So why is the mother being allowed to take the child straight back into his arms for him to rape her again?

I am going mad with worry – I have not slept for the last 3 days since finding this out.

NO ONE seems to care about this kid and I don’t know what to do.


Facebook group now up and running
November 24, 2009, 7:52 pm
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Well I have decided to try and make a difference using the world of social media.

Whether anyone joins is a different story.

Its almost 3am and I cant sleep (again).

Its almost 3am and I cant sleep (again).

I took my sleeping tablets almost 3 hours ago and they still havent worked.

I dont know why I care so much about whats happened to this kid but I do. Reading her text messages again tonite has reopened it all for me. She was so vaunrable and scared and she pleaded with me not to report her rape. At first I promised I wouldnt but then when she sent me a text that night saying she though she was gonna be raped that night I had no choice but to report it.

I could not leave her to be raped again – who could have done that?

She predicted all along how her family would smother her and lie to the police. She predicted that no one would beleive her and she predicted nothing would happen and to my deep regret and horror she was right.

As soon as I reported it within days her mother had started telling my villagers that I had put her up to it and inteneded to split her mother and step father (the rapist) up but thats plain mad coz I didnt hardly know them. Why on earth would I wanna do that, what would be my motive?

Of course, everyone beleived her and I was driven out of my lovely home over night and it still sits there full of my life times possesions (thats if the locals havn’t been in and wrecked it).

It was a diversion of course, a smle screen to get everyone attention off the step father who the mother still deeply loves.

The sad thing is there is a clear cycle of abuse in this family.

The mother was physiccly abused as a child by her mother who used to hit her so hard it made her teath rattle. I know this coz the childs mother came to me and told me during a secret heart to heart while the Step dad was at work, She also told me that the step dad had never bothered with the child as it wasnt his and he was only intertested in his own son with the child mother (the childs step brother who the child reports just stays at her all day and blames her for blaming his dad.

the child gran abuses the child be caling her a f^^king selfish little bitch and worse. the child hinted that hr gran wacks her also. Then there is the child real father (she shant seen him since she was one year old). He used to beat the child mother up so badly she need hosiptal – she left him and now ended up with the kids step father who rapes her. Its a classic cycle but yet the authorities do nothing and left the kid in danger.

I am finding it hard to live with my feelings, why do i care so much and why is it eating me up?

Why dio I get these reocurring night mares nite after nite.

I am constantly on edge and my nerves are shot to hell.

A most painful task

Even now I can not look at anything to do with this child without it opening a floodgate of emotions that I didnt know where lerking there.

I have been forcing myself to read all of her text messages and the disclosers of her rape and abuse are clearly there.

Its like I am reliving it all over again and if I can read it in black and white, if it is in a form that cannot be denied then why on earth have the Police not done something about it?

Why is the scum who did this henious act to an innocent child still walking about enjoying life as if nothing happened?

Its beyond me, the injustice is over welming.

Yes yes I know that sadly this happens to other kids but I do not know them and cannot help them, god I wish I could but I do know this kid, and I do know what happened to her.

Its just eating me up.

Have also checked my email today and still not one single lousy MP has replied – how shite is that?

Whats wrong with them, some of them will have kids of their own, some maybe the same age as the girl Im trying to help, hell this could just as easy be their daughter yet still they dont want to know?

Its sick.

I just needed somewhere to put my thoughts.
November 12, 2009, 1:30 am
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I just needed somewhere to put my thoughts. I am not saying they are right or wrong but they are my personal thoughts and I can’t help what I am thinking or feeling at any given moment any more than you can.

Most of what I am goiung to say on this blog wont mean much to anyone and I dont expect many will read it but I have an awlful lot of stuff I need to get out and on here is as good a place as any.

Some of you may find it upsetting or disturbing but all of it is real.