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more nightmares

Had yet another nightmare last night and its the same bloody one that I keep having.

The kid texts me to say ‘he’s raping me he’s raping me’ and although I can strangly read her incoming text I cant move to reply. Nothing works, my arms or legs, I am struggling to move, to answer this poor kid but I just cant move.

Then I wake up in a sweat….

This haunts me, I have had this same dream for months and month now.


I cant stop it.


NSPCC says “Tell the Prime Minister that children need a safer internet”

I’ve just signed the NSPCC’s internet safety petition to help make the internet a safer place for children.

Add your voice and show the Prime Minister that this is a priority for the people of the UK.


Very worth while

Every child matters – yeah but not in the UK they dont.

Another depressing day has gone by and I have been trying to use it as best I could.

I have been very busy over the last few weeks emailing anyone in the UK that I feel may be involved in Child Protection or Children’s Rights Including many people at the Houses of Parliament and the reaction from within the two Houses or Parliament could not be clearer.

Being blunt, the lazy arsed MP’s dont want to know while the members of the House of Lords have been most kind.

 I have emailed all of the Members of the House of Lords who publish a public email address and I have had a couple of very supportive replies for which I am extremely grateful. Some expressed shock for the child and one or two were concerned regarding the behaviour of the Police but no one offered to try and help.

Three honourable members expressed an interest and asked to be kept informed, hence this email, and that is more than I hoped would happen. Other members have read the email but not replied, while many others still simply deleted it without reading, including some members who are involved with Police and Child Protection matters.

One honourable person has said that they will bring matters to the attention of the All-Party group for Abuse Investigations which is fantastic if they can do anything to stop other children suffering.

I spent many hours researching what I hoped would be the appropriate government ministers and staff and tracking down their public email addresses. I then sent them the same email but not one person has replied or even read the email as far as I am aware.


I sent the email to various Ministers and people within the following departments:

Leader of the House of Commons, Lord Privy Seal, Minister for Women, and Cabinet Minister for Equality                                           

Minister of State at the Government Equalities Office and Ministry of Justice.                   

Secretary to the Government Equalities Office                                 

The Attorney General                                   

The Attorney General’s Office – Parliamentary Branch:

The Solicitor General     

Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice

Parliamentary Under Secretary Of State for Justice

Parliamentary Branch

Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Ministry of Justice. Criminal Cases Review Commission  and Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

Minister of State, Department for Children, Schools and Families. Youth Justice Board and Joint Youth Justice Unit (jointly with, DCSF Minister of State) and Government Equalities Office responsibilities.                                              

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State

Minister of State for the Ministry of Justice and Democracy, constitution and law (other than EU and international, Supreme Court, and judicial policy)

Minister of State (Crime and Policing)

Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Identity) (also Lord in Waiting)

Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families

Minister of State (Schools and Learners) & Minister of State (Security, Counterterrorism, Crime and Policing)     

Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Children, Young People and Families)

Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Schools)

Minister of State – Department of Children

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for 14-19 Reform and Apprenticeship

Minister of State (Schools and Learners)              

Parliamentary Branch

Minister of State – Cabinet office

Minister of State (Third Sector)

Parliamentary Secretary

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

Minister of state for the East Midlands

Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department for Children, Schools and Families

Minister of State – Children, Schools and Families and Minister for the North West

Minister of State – Children, Schools and Families

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Schools and Learners)

Parliamentary under Secretary of State (Crime Reduction incl sexual offences)

I am disappointed and saddened to report that Ed Balls, or anyone from his office, have failed to even acknowledge the email despite the subject matter being very much within his remit.

I have also sent the email to members of :

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Abuse Investigations.

All-Party Parliamentary Group for Children.

I have also emailed EVERY single MP to lobby them to ask questions and try and bring matters to the attention of the appropriate Ministers. It is interesting to note that only one MP has replied by saying I should email the Prime Minister (as if he will get to read it let alone act on it), and, sadly, many have simply deleted the email without even reading it despite this being a subject that they should care about. To say I am disgusted with them is understating how I feel. Even my own MP has not read or replied to my email.

I have also emailed:

As many UK Members of the European Parliament whose email I could find.

So far 5 have deleted the email without reading it and none have replied at all.

All members of the European Parliament – Human Rights Committee.

Not read or replied.

Two Commissioners – The Equality and Human Rights Commission, who are also members of the House of Lords and two publicly listed supporters of the Children’s Rights Alliance for England, also Members of the House of Lords.

No one has read or replied to the email.

I also contacted Ofsted using their Whistle blowing email address and they did reply saying ‘my concerns may not fall within our legal remit for Whistleblowing’.

As I hope this email illustrates, I am very serious about, and deeply committed to, trying to help this child and bring the wider issue to the attention of people who can ask the appropriate questions and get things done in order to stop this happening to other children.

The NSPCC and Childline can only do so much and eventually all matters are referred to the Social Services and/or the Police.  As the problem seems to be with them and the way the deal with and treat child victims then it is these services that need looking at.

I simply cannot accept that it is acceptable for a child to be left at the real risk of further rape and abuse. I also fail to see how this is in the ‘best interests of any child’ and there would be a public outcry should this become known.

How do you cope knowing a child is being raped and abused?
November 14, 2009, 7:40 pm
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How do you cope knowing a child is being raped and abused?

This question is the main reason I have started this blog.

I am a blog virgin and this is my first.

You see there is a child that I tried to help but failed. This child came to me and told me that she was being raped and abused.

I reported this but nothing has been done to help her. She is still with the abusers and I have to go to bed every night with the thought in my head tjat this kid may have been raped again that day and I can do nothing to help.

How do you live with that?

I did everything I could to help this child. I repeatedly reported her problems to the Police and they did nothing.

I have lost so much just for trying to help.

I have lost a 30 year career, my home, my friends, my dog and my life but ya know what, that is nothing compared to what this kid must feel like after she has been subjected to another heinus rape.

I just dont get why no one is doing anything.

I just needed somewhere to put my thoughts.
November 12, 2009, 1:30 am
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I just needed somewhere to put my thoughts. I am not saying they are right or wrong but they are my personal thoughts and I can’t help what I am thinking or feeling at any given moment any more than you can.

Most of what I am goiung to say on this blog wont mean much to anyone and I dont expect many will read it but I have an awlful lot of stuff I need to get out and on here is as good a place as any.

Some of you may find it upsetting or disturbing but all of it is real.